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Class Number: 201

Class Title: Casting Spells
Designed By: Dawn Donnelly

Teacher: Dawn Donnelly

Before the spell casting hour of midnight, a witch needs her hat to shape her spells. Adorn this hat with some fun stitches: Eyelets, Satin Stitch, Backstitch, Stem Stitch, Staggered Cross, Hesitation, Patio Cashmere, Padded Satin, Couching and Squared Filling. The hat wouldn’t be complete without a rose made out of a zipper and tulle. And to complete the piece, we’ll add a fun saying using scrapbooking paper and a spider button.

Technique: Counted Canvas Design Area: 8 1/2" x 10 1/2"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $110.00
Pre-Work: None  

Kit Contents: Instructions with color picture, 12” x 14” 18 Count White Mono Canvas, Floss, Splendor, Pearl Cotton, Trebizond, Overdyed Floss, Kreinik, Vineyard Silk, Entice, Fuzzy Stuff, Velour Yarn, Spider Button, Zipper, Tulle, Paper Sign and needles.

Student Provides: 12” x 14” stretcher bars, tacks, frame weight or clamp and small sharp scissors

Class Number: 202

Class Title: Turkish Delight
Designed By: Barbara Ellis

Teacher: Barbara Ellis

This is a dual-strand infinity style necklace that focuses on multi-rope variations that are connected using coin pearls and jewel stones.  Sections of the necklace are created one at a time and connected to create one 78” long necklace and one shorter 18” necklace finished with a charm and drop focal piece.  These ropes are really fun to create and there will be several kits to choose from including purple haze, ivory coast, and midnight clouds.

Technique: Bead Weaving Design Area: 18" - 78"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate Kit Cost: $125.00
Pre-Work: Optional  

Kit Contents: Gemstones, decorative drop, connectors, coin pearls, 15/0 seed beads, 11/0 seed beads, accent crystals, clasp.

Student Provides:  Fireline (6 lb.) or One-G thread, size 10 and 12 beading needles, usual beading supplies, light and magnification if needed.

Class Number: 203

Class Title: Christmas Mosaic
Designed By: Deborah Mitek
Teacher: Deborah Mitek

Create a lovely silk ribbon topiary tree surrounded by a series of silk thread borders on a background of 18-count Victorian Red gold-metallic hand painted canvas.  The topiary design uses River Silks 4mm overdyed silk ribbon, with a diamond-patterned background done in Petite Silk Lame Braid, and a woven basket of Silken Straw.  Silk & Ivory Stardust, Painter’s Thread Shimmer Ribbon Floss, Caron Wildflowers, Pepper Pot Silk, Classic Vineyard Silks, and Needlepoint Silks are used in the 5 border patterns, with embellishments of holographic stars, beads and crystals.  The finished design can be matted and framed or put into a box.

Technique: Silk Ribbon Embroidery on Canvas Design Area: 8" x 8"
Proficiency Level: Advanced Beginner-Intermediate Kit Cost: $115.00
Pre-Work: None

Kit Contents: Complete thread kit, holographic stars, beads, and crystal embellishments, needles, 14” x 14” hand-painted 18-count Victorian Red canvas, instructions, including a large picture of the design, master chart, stitch guides, detail photos, tips on handling silk ribbon, and a bibliography.

Student Provides:  14” x 14” stretcher bars; tacks or staples; usual stitching supplies, including a wooden laying tool or trolley needle; stand, frame weight or clamp for hands-free stitching; light and magnifier if needed.

Class Number: 204

Class Title: Batik to Stitch
Designed By: Laura Smith
Teacher: Laura Smith

Batik can create complex, stitchable designs with color layering on fabric. Wax is applied to fabric with a stamp called a tjap (pronounced “chop”).  Student’s choice of colors are painted in layers alternating with wax.  An optional crackling technique can create a marbled effect, seen as navy blue lines in the turtle design. Finally, the piece is ironed to remove wax and set paint.  Students learn to batik on Day 1.  On Day 2, they create stitch plans, stitch, or make more batik images. Each student receives guidance for developing design elements.

Technique: Mixed Media: Batik embellished with surface embroidery Design Area: 12" x 12"
Proficiency Level: All Kit Cost: $75.00
Pre-Work: None

Kit Contents: The kit includes one yard of Prepared for Dyeing (PFD) cotton approximately 24” wide for up to six images, paint, brushes, non-latex gloves, hand stitching threads, and needles.  Students will share wax heaters and brushes for wax.  Several images are available for the class: butterfly, dragonfly, irises, and turtle.  A class stash of threads, beads, and buttons will be available so students may select from a full range of color options for their embroidery.

Student Provides:  8” hoop, usual stitching supplies including scissors for metallic thread and fabric.  Welcome letter will request that students wear painting clothes, bring recycled newspaper and grocery bags, and ask for volunteers who are driving to bring irons, ironing boards, and fans.

Class Number: 205

Class Title: Delicate Matters
Designed By: Amee Sweet-McNamara
Teacher: Amee Sweet-McNamara

The Devil is in the Details…The choices we make about the small elements and line-qualities in this necklace focal can determine whether the piece is seen as classic or edgy, sweet or mysterious.

Adventurous Beginners will learn the basics of Soutache & Bead Embroidery while more advanced stitchers will be excited by learning a new bezel-design and techniques for incorporating some of the newest beads on the market. All kits come with “choices” (skulls or daisies? disks or hibiscus?) and optional design decisions are offered throughout the project.

Technique: Soutache & Bead Embroidery Design Area: 4 1/2"x3 1/2"
Proficiency Level: Basic-Intermediate Kit Cost: $85.00
Pre-Work: None

Kit Contents: Instruction booklet, beading foundation, syn-leather, soutache braid, metal chain, Czech glass beads, seed beads, Nymo beading thread, jewelry findings, #10 beading needle, API brand glue.

Student Provides:  Students should come to class with a bead-blanket or bead-tray, a good pair of small-to-medium-sized, sharp scissors and any eyeglasses, magnifiers or additional light source they generally use for close-up work.  To complete the project, students will need flat-nose pliers, flush-cutters and round-nose or looping pliers although it is unlikely that these tools will be needed in class.  Projects will not be finished in class.

Class Number: 206

Class Title: Wee Book of Sampler Motifs and Stitches
Designed By: Catherine Theron
Teacher: Catherine Theron

The pages and cover of this petite book are worked on 32-count linen.

A variety of silk threads in colors of red, green, gold, & black are used to create the book & DMC Cordonnet is used to finish the edges of the pages.

Counted thread patterns on the cover & pages all feature strawberries of various sizes, shapes, & stitches. A script alphabet also adorns the pages.

Stitches used include Diagonal Cross, Long-Arm Cross, Queen, Diamond Eyelet, Diagonal Rice, Satin Stitch, Nun’s Stitch, Cross-Stitch, Petit Point, Cross-Stitch Over one, Smyrna Cross, & Stem Stitch.

Technique: Counted Thread Design Area: 3 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 1"
Proficiency Level: Intermediate-Advanced Kit Cost: $145.00
Pre-Work: None

Kit Contents: 32 ct.  Sandstone and Desert Sand linen, silk threads, DMC Cordonnet, needles, practice fabric, color copies, most finishing materials.

Student Provides:  Usual stitching supplies, light and magnification if needed.

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